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Sun 4 Caketinsfairies


Named Caitlin, Caketin Fairy/ Fairycake and Blue Raven.
*Sagittarius (Scorpio cusp)* *22* *AUSTRALIA*
Starting to get a bit more brazen, truthful and open with the world.
*Queer femme* *Cis female*
Pansexuality as my love letter to humanity.

I am open to loving and appreciating everyone and attempt to always come from a place of respect.

I search high and low for things that I post on this blog that attract me on a deep level and I hope you appreciate what I find.

I could not live without festivals, flora and fauna, fairies, glitter, TATTOOS, opera, colour, crystals, body positivity, queer culture, sexuality, feminism and a healthy helping of spirituality.

We are allowed to FEEL.

Caught a cutie checking out my under boob tatt.
Yey for crop tops and yey for boys in Lennon glasses and sharp shirts.